In addition to his work in the classroom, the rehearsal room, and on stage, David O is a well-respected vocal and performance coach, specializing in working with actor/singers of all ages and all skill levels on musical theatre performance, including audition preparation, vocal technique, and unlocking the emotional truth of songs in order to create cathartic musical theatre performances. 
Some of David’s long-time clients say it best…
"David O is THE coach to go to for performance technique, audition repertoire, and how to be a better musician across the board. He not only teaches how to better execute your song (both vocally and acting-wise) but helps you master your individual voice as an artist which is what makes working with David incredible and invaluable.” - Desiree Staples
"David O is the best voice teacher I've worked with. He not only helped me improve on range and technique, but he also gave me confidence in the uniqueness of my own voice. I don't live in LA anymore but I still have all of my vocal exercises from him to practice with. I'm never ever giving those up!” - Nora Frankovich

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